Starland Group Ltd(New Zealand) develops from Guangxi Xingjun Technology Group Ltd(China), Xingjun Group was founded in 2014, the registered capital is 10 million. There are three subsidiaries in Xingjun Group, Guangxi Xingtian Construction Engineering Ltd、Nanning Xingtian Technology Ltd and Nanning Xingjun Investment Ltd.In May 2018, it was officially purchased 101 Ruawai Road, MT Wellingtion, Auckland, and registered Starland Group Ltd (New Zealand), extending the business to oversea.

Xingjun Group(China)main business is: computer and network system integration, computer software and hardware development and sales; lighting equipment, solar equipment, HVAC equipment, electronic products, automation control equipment, communication products, energy saving products, heat pump products, household appliances, instruments, metering sockets, data collection. Transmission equipment, teaching and experimental equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment, building materials, kitchen equipment sales, technology development of energy technology, high technology, energy saving and environmental protection technology, technical service, technical consultation, technology transfer, building mechanical and electrical installation, electronic and intelligent engineering, agricultural greening engineering, urban garden green chemical industry, environmental protection projects, urban and road lighting projects; hotel assets operation and management; import and export of goods, technology import and export.

Starland Group Ltd(New Zealand) is planning and designing Sakura 101 Motel in Auckland, we believe the motel is coming soon and give our guests best service. 

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